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Never let anyone define YOU... Never let anyone else set YOUR limitations. Your only limiting factor in this world is you!!! Despite so many people thinking I would never get back in a race car not only did I get back in that car but with the help of Dr. Menkowitz, I did it in less than 8 months from lumbar spinal fusion. October 4th was the day I collapsed on the garage floor. The more everyone else said no the more I said yes. Despite EVERY obstacle thrown at me I came back to a P2 in class my first race back, ran lap record pace in the 2:05.7's and was holding P2 against a national champion in race 2 before wisely choosing to retire and came home with a workers choice award that humbled me beyond words.

Those closest to me will be the first to say it is very rare I am truly proud of myself but looking back on this past week and the past 8 months I am truly proud of what I have accomplished and know that if I can do it you can too!!! No one will ever know what truly transpires within but only you control what you portray on the outside...

Too many people to thank who have supported me throughout this process from family, friends and of course my surgeon Dr. Menkowitz. Thank you and never let anyone define you or your limits!!






Dr Menkowitz fixed my back and allowed me to resume my passion.

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