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The Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders and back problems at their locations in Shrewsbury, Toms River, and Edison, New Jersey. The practice's orthopaedic spine specialists, Steve Paragioudakis, MD, and Marc Menkowitz, MD, lead a team of dedicated professionals who aim to provide patients with the best possible care in pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

The Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine treats congenital, chronic, and acute spinal conditions. Their expertise extends from spinal infections, tumors, strains, and sprains to herniated discs, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, vertebral compression fractures, facet joint syndrome, kyphosis, sciatica, scoliosis, and spondylosis. They not only have considerable skills and knowledge but use advanced diagnostic technologies to pinpoint the cause and location of back or neck pain, including digital X-rays, CT and MRI scans, bone scans, discograms, and myelograms, all of which are available onsite.

While most patients recover from their back and neck problems after following a conservative treatment program, those who require further interventions can rely on the expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery at the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine.

Patients benefit from the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation and devices, like the Globus Medical ExcelsiusGPS® robotic surgery system. The center is one of the few practices in the United States to use advanced technology for spine surgery. In addition to cutting-edge equipment and techniques, the team also offers expert revision surgery for patients with failed back surgery syndrome.

To find out more about the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine or schedule a consultation, call one of their offices or book an appointment online today.

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Globus ExcelsiusGPS®

The Globus ExcelsiusGPS® Spine Robot is the first technology to combine a robotic arm and full navigation capabilities for precise trajectory alignment in spine surgery. It’s designed to improve accuracy and optimize patient care by using robotics and navigation.




How to Prevent and Treat Kyphosis

How to Prevent and Treat Kyphosis

It’s never too early to check your posture and prevent the rounded upper back that signals kyphosis. And if slouching or another issue has caused a painful spinal curvature, we can help fix that too. Read more about dealing with kyphosis.

The Link Between Diabetes and Sciatica

The Link Between Diabetes and Sciatica

Diabetes causes nerve damage that may feel like sciatica, but there’s a big difference between the underlying cause of diabetes-related nerve pain versus sciatica. Still, diabetes can increase your risk of sciatica. Are you confused? Read on to learn more.

4 Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery

4 Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery

Robotic spine surgery combines advanced computer technology with a surgeon’s skill to offer outstanding treatment results for complex and painful spinal disorders. Learn more about the benefits of this minimally invasive surgery.


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Words from our patients

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    "My husband is a patient of Dr Menkowitz and I am a patient of Dr Paragioudakis. We are both really happy with the care we receive, the professionalism and friendliness."

    Rina C.
  • Google

    "Dr. Paragioudakis - this guy is awesome and he helps me in so many ways. Thank you!"

    Reshma P.
  • Google

    "I can’t thank Dr. Paragioudakis and his staff enough. I was in so much pain before surgery. After my three level fusion, I am pain free."

    Donna B.
  • Google

    "Dr P and his staff are top notch, they make me feel like I'm the most important patient. I no longer need to make the long trip into NYC for a good spine doctor."

    John W.
  • Healthgrades

    "Best Doctor, Best Staff. Top Doc for a reason. I highly recommend Dr. Menkowitz!"

    Maggie S.
  • Healthgrades

    "I came to Dr. P with back pain that was so severe I could no longer live with it. He did my surgery which gave me my life back."

    Kathleen M.
  • Healthgrades

    "I came to Dr. P with back pain so severe I could no longer live with it. He did my surgery which gave me my life back. His experience and compassion are amazing."

    Mike Marino
  • "Dr. Paragioudakis and his medical staff are very knowledgable, friendly and sensitive to patients needs and concerns."

    Verified Patient
  • "The office always runs smoothly. Dr P takes his time, listens well and explains thoroughly."

    Verified Patient
  • "Excellent communication by all members of the staff. The Doctor that I was seen by has excellent bed side manner and look forward to getting on the right track!"

    Verified Patient
  • "I found Dr. Paragioudakis to be sensitive and his approach to the healing of my problem suitable to my needs."

    Verified Patient
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